Walking and biking to school is about to become a little safer this spring. That’s what Manitoba Healthy Schools is hoping to achieve with their Spring 2011 Safety and Injury Prevention Campaign.

For the past seven years, Healthy Schools has granted funding for fourteen successful campaigns with participating schools, including physical activity, mental health and healthy eating promotions.

All schools are encouraged to apply for the Spring 2011 Campaign with the money potentially put towards safety programs, equipment and gear for children. For example, students who use the Walking School Buses could see new reflective vests/bands for backpacks or neighborhood walkabouts, cycling safety initiatives and pedestrian safety workshops could be planned to make schools safer. With a safer way to get to school, this promotes more active ways of getting to school and happier students. The possibilities are endless!

Any school representative (teacher, administrator, support staff) can apply. Participating schools will recieve $100.00 plus an additional $0.35 for every student that promotes a Healthy Eating activity in the school community. Applications are accepted until Friday, March 11, 2011.