Green Action Centre hosted an outdoor celebration for July’s Love30on30!

We teamed up with IRCOM, Winnipeg Trails Association, Plain Bicycle, Healing Trails, Malaya Marcelino’s Office, and Safe Speeds WPG to create a fun outdoor space for children and families who live in central Winnipeg, to show everyone how great shared streets can be.

For #Love30on30, Ellen street was closed to vehicle traffic, creating a playground for riding bikes, Zumba, playing games, kicking a soccer ball, street art, and building garden boxes. The event empowered the community to use their streets for more than just driving.


#Love30on30 is a monthly awareness campaign for safe 30km/h speed limits, supported by local environmental and community organizations, such as Safe Speeds WPGLove30 demonstrations show people how their neighbourhood or street can be used differently. Safe 30km/h speeds are a keystone to equitable and accessible communities, providing safety for everyone however they choose to get around and creating an environment that is pleasant to be in and safe to use. 

Furthermore, these events create opportunities to build community, create a sense of place, and start important conversations. These discussions help inform our leaders about how people feel about their neighbourhood or street, how they would like to see things change, and what aspects of their streetscape are most important to them. Check out for more details. 

Show your Support

Want to show your support? Here’re some ways to get involved.

1. Get a lawn sign! They’re available for a flexible pay-what-you-can cost, by pickup or delivery. Click here to get a sign!

2. Host an event in your neighbourhood for Love30 on 30 – lots of time to plan for August 30 or September 30! Reach out to Safe Speeds Winnipeg, email

3.  Add your address to the safe speeds map. Check out the map

The event wouldn’t have been possible without IRCOM’s dedicated staff, volunteers and active community, Winnipeg Trails Association, Plain Bicycle, and the support of Councillor Vivian Santos, who is working hard to build a more equitable and safe city.