While this study reveals that physical activitiy is even more damaging than obesity, we obviously want to ensure we are both active and at a healthy weight.

The results certainly underscore how even “healthy weight” individuals would greatly benefit from building in more activity to their day.

Another good reason to walk and bike whenever possible!

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A study of more than 334,000 European men and women concluded that physical inactivity is responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity. The good news is that a simple, brisk 20 minute daily walk would have a significant positive impact. This equates to walking 2 kilometres, a distance that many of us could fit into our daily commute to school, work or shopping.

Read more: http://www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/lack-of-exercise-responsible-for-twice-as-many-deaths-as-obesity#sthash.4i0l9bBY.dpuf

Download the study.