You may have seen the popular phenomenon this year entitled Humans of New York. It’s cool to see a glimpse into the lives of everyday folks. With that in mind, Green Action Centre is happy to share with you the COMMUTERS OF WINNIPEG!

Do YOU want to join these fantastic folks? You have until June 10th to log your Commuter Challenge kilometers. Sign up now, take a photo of yourself commuting in a sustainable way, and tell us why you green commute! Tweet or Facebook to #CommuterChallenge, or email to


Brad Lazer

“I cycle and skateboard in the community because it’s easier to get places, as opposed to transit and even getting a green car seems a bit out of the way considering that I choose to live close to where I work. To have the option to skateboard or bike makes more sense to me.”




Nicole Aiken

“I commute to get exercise, to help save myself Nicole pic (Hydro)money for parking downtown and to help make it a greener planet, honestly. My favourite part of biking is that it gives me a chance to both gear up for and unwind from my day, and I would also say seeing other cyclists or other people out there commuting and getting a chance to share that experience with others. I think everyone should sign up for the Commuter Challenge cause a lot of folks are already commuting and they don’t even realize it when they are carpooling or taking transit. They should sign up because it might give them a chance to try different commuting that they’ve never tried before and that it’s just a great thing to help the planet.


Matt BillinkoffDSC04470

I enjoy the weather and I enjoy being outside. And it’s good exercise. As you can see, being outside brings a smile to my face!”




KaParkProgrammingCommuterChallengeren Lind, Bonnie Tulloch, Bran Adams, Amy Brown, and Heather Mitchell
Park Programming Department – Assiniboine Park Conservancy

“The Journey to Churchill exhibit at the Assiniboine Park Zoo inspires people to make personal connections to climate change through stimulating their sense of caring and concern for charismatic animals, like our polar bears, whose very existence is threatened due to human behavior. We are working to educate people of all ages on climate change, endangered species, and the actions each and every one of us can take on a daily basis to help the environment and wildlife. This is why the Commuter Challenge is important to us. We feel that, as educators, we need to work towards living a healthy and environmentally sustainable lifestyle so we can be role models to the people we are educating on these important environmental issues.”


Christie Fischer and Pamela RozDSC04474

These 2 super commuters are sisters on a mission! Not only are they commuters, but they have challenged each other to see who can be the most commuter-est in the family!

“Walking and taking transit are already my main commuting options – the Commuter Challenge helps to remind me of just how many GHGs I avoid and how  I am contributing to both my own health and the health of the environment around me. My 45 min walk home from work is my chance to relax and stay connected to the nature surrounding me each day.”


PRoz-Commuter Challenge(1)


Pamela Roz at her finest!

“Taking the bus takes one more car off the road and makes the air we breathe that much cleaner. It’s a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction.”



Sandeep Sidhuphoto 3(1)

“I bike usually in the non winter months because I find it faster than other modes of transportation and I don’t have a car. I’m bussing otherwise. I get to go on my schedule and it’s good for the environment and it’s good for me. It keeps me more in shape than if I wasn’t cycling.”





Alex Allardyce



“I believe that our government can play a big role in helping to achieve environmental sustainability by supporting policy initiatives such as the promotion of sustainable transportation. Taking small steps like these will help ensure that we all have a healthy environment to live in.” 






Naomi Gichungu

“It’s planting season again and one of my best volunteer tasks of all time! Other IMG_2165than the joy that comes with volunteering for the community, I enjoy my everyday walk to the centre and back. My winter school term was very busy and I had very little time to dedicate to any workouts. It’s a real pleasure stretching muscles and catching some fresh air for about half an hour every day. I am committed to building better and stronger communities in a healthy environment.”


Erika Frey

Sustainable Commuting is important to  me because it reduces emissions, it helps me to be physically active and it allows me to be connected to people. For most of Erika Frey-Outside Social Enterprise Centre next to our bike parking areamy working life in Winnipeg I have taken the bus. Riding the bus allows me to meet new people and to stay grounded and connected to my community.

I have recently started to bike to work. I had thought about it for a long time but was always a bit afraid of doing it In a urban setting. I have been inspired by many of my fellow co-workers  at LITE and  Social Enterprise Centre who bike to work. So I decided to try it out! Something that helped me was that on my first day riding back home two fellow co-workers “bike buddies”  were nice enough to ride with me. They showed me the best bike routes and sheltered me for most of the way.

Their patience and support really encourage me to do it again and to be more confident and re-gain the love for biking something that I use to do a lot growing up in a small town in the Peruvian Rainforest Region.