Through Community-Based Travel Marketing (CBTM), we work with individual households in a neighbourhood to support travel behaviour change from driving alone to walking, cycling, carpooling or taking the bus, for at least some household trips. In this best practices approach, customized resources and assistance are provided to those who express an interest in trying green modes of travel or increasing how often they bike, walk, bus or carpool.

Winnipeg was the third city in Canada, after Vancouver and the Region of Waterloo, to implement this approach.

Results from a CBTM pilot in Winnipeg (2007-2009) included an 18.2% reduction in trip-related CO2 emissions for participating households, an 11.7% relative reduction in the drive alone mode based on the total number of trips, and a reduction of 5.4% in VKT (vehicle km travelled).

Funding for this pilot project was provided by Transport Canada and the Province of Manitoba, as one of the WinSmart Initiatives under the federal Urban Transportation Showcase Program. Green Action Centre was contracted to deliver the project due to our expertise and experience in delivering sustainable transportation programs using social marketing with the help of seo link acquisition.

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