GOLD – Iisd

Hearty congratulations to the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) — this year’s recipient of the Commuter Friendly Workplace Award!

Not only has IISD created an environment that assists and encourages employees to take transit, bike, walk, telework or carpool to work, their program has resulted in most employees choosing to use greener commuting options. 

Dennis Cunningham, Environmental Sustainability Manager for Assiniboine Credit Union, presents the 2013 Gold Award to Janice Gair, VP Human Resources and Corporate Services for IISD.

Janice Gair, Vice-President, Human Resources and Corporate Services says, “IISD is excited to be honoured by Green Action Centre and be included alongside the great organizations that are past winners. We are extremely proud of the commitment of our employees, who deliver on our goals of sustainable commuting.”

IISD has accomplished these great results by making it easy for employees to choose greener options. A discounted monthly bus pass (EcoPass) has translated into an 83% uptake by staff members. Secure bike parking along with showers, change rooms and lockers make it convenient for active commuters to feel comfortable taking their bikes, walking or running to work. Lunch-hour seminars on topics such as commuter cycling skills assist employees to get started.

Meanwhile, an Emergency Ride Home program with taxi vouchers provides employees with peace of mind knowing they can get home quickly if needed. Flexibility is provided through opportunities to work a compressed week or work from home.

“Workplaces need to be at the forefront supporting positive environmental choices. Staff members, myself included, benefit from the transit EcoPass program, secure bike storage and other flexible commuting options every day. IISD sets an example,” says Joel Trenaman, Director of Communications & Publishing.

Backing up this commitment, IISD tracks and reports on progress related to targets in their green commuting plan, and purchases carbon offsets when possible related to air travel for their international work. Their long-standing Green Committee works to bring forward new ideas and makes a solid case as to why IISD should implement them.

This enthusiasm also translates into high participation levels for events such as the annual Commuter Challenge. In 2013, 84% of IISD employees took part and a whopping 94% did so the year before.

At a celebration held December 11th, Dennis Cunningham, on behalf of Assiniboine Credit Union, last year’s Gold award recipient, presented Janice Gair of IISD with the 2013 Gold Commuter Friendly Workplace Award.

Green Action Centre is pleased to honour workplaces such as IISD and ACU who are setting gold standard examples of commuter options programs. Congratulations!