Welcome to the family!MC2015-group photo

We are proud to welcome our newest group of Master Composters to the Green Action family.  This year’s group was a full list of 19 energetic, hopeful and inspiring people, now fully equipped to go out into the world and spread the word about the benefits of composting.  The 12 hour course has trained them on everything they need to know about the science, environmental impact and communities of composting. Congratulations everyone, You did it!

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The course consisted of four 3-4 hour sessions where a series of guest speakers broke down the process of composting to the very microscopic organisms that are alive in our soil and finished compost.  The goal was to deliver a course that would both inspire and inform.

group discussion

A group discussion at Riverview Community Garden

Riverview tour

Garden Tour with Linda Olsen

A lovely sunny afternoon was spent at Lord Roberts Community Centre, where students explored the ins and out of a community compost bin.   Later, students learned about current affairs in composting and where we stand as Manitobans in the national waste diversion movement. Students explored different stages of maturing compost and visited the largest community garden in the City at Riverview Community Centre.  Finally, the miracle of Red Wiggler worms was demonstrated through hands-on exploration of vermi-composting bins.

At each session we also had the opportunity to showcase some local food suppliers.  As members of the Social Purchasing Portal, our purchases are intended to support local economies.  The following providers were selected for this years snack items:

The Fresh Carrot

G.J. Andrews Grocery

The forks Market, including Tall Grass Prairie, The Fudge Guy,

Jonnies Sticky Buns

The Greek Market (love the hummus!)

The Store Next Door

Bersteins Deli

The goal here was to support these small businesses while at the same time inspiring each other for a more sustainable lifestyle.

Composting is a simple process that anyone can learn, but as we explored these topics together, we learned that its integration into the minds and hearts of others is complex indeed.  Together, we shared our visions for a growing composting movement in Manitoba.

A special thanks goes out to all our guest speakers and volunteers who helped make the course a success. Maureen, Fernand, Kelly, Bowen, Linda, Jolene and Bruce – your expertise and insights on the topics of composting are much appreciated. And to Kerri and Jaret for your help with logistics and clean up, we couldn’t have done it without you.

outdoor sesion on volunteer expectations

The network has been created, the people have met and shared their stories. You are now Composting Ambassadors, may you all go out and spread the word, teach others and inspire for change.  Thank you to all of you for your energy and creativity, stay connected!