There are many ways in which you can take action for better health, better food and for a more sustainable environment. These include:

  • Buy local- When you buy foods that have been grown close by, they are both fresher and less dependent on fossil fuels for long-distance transportation. Plus, buying local supports our local economy and promotes a local food supply.
  • Buy organic– Organic foods – those grown without pesticides, chemical fertilizers or synthetic herbicides – are better for your health and that of the Earth. We all benefit by keeping our air, water and soils clean.
  • Research– Try to find out as much as you can about where and how the food you eat is grown. Be sure to check our links for more information.
  • Garden– Grow your own fruits and vegetables and become self-sufficient! In the fall you can freeze or can them to preserve them. Remember to always compost scraps to reduce your waste. Want to know more about composting?
  • Pack your lunch– When you head off to school or work, carry your lunch in a reusable container. Most take-out containers are made from plastic foam or other non-recyclable materials that contribute to our waste. Save money and reduce waste!
  • If you do purchase lunch, bring your own reusable containers rather than accepting the disposable ones that will only end up in the garbage.
  • Swap recipes– By sharing healthy recipes, you don’t need to rely on processed, packaged foods. See our recipe section for more.
  • Go vegetarian, once a week–  Eating a meat-free meal even once a week will reduce your carbon footprint. We can cut down energy and water consumption by eating lower on the food chain.

By incorporating any of these ideas into your life, you will be on your way towards a more eco-friendly and healthier lifestyle.