You have waited patiently for too long and now spring is here (almost).

Manitoba tradition holds that the May long weekend is the time to plant, but with spring coming around the corner, there are lots of things you can do to get your yard ready to grow.

If you haven’t got your seedlings ready yet, it is a good time to get them started. The few extra weeks you gain by starting indoors can give your plants the advantage they need to thrive in Manitoba’s often all too brief summer season. Getty Stewart has some great tips.

Check into your compost. If you were composting all winter, your frozen scraps will have turned into a messy muck with the spring thaw. Turning it and adding some dried leaves will prevent rot, smells and keep away pests. If the pile has thawed but seems too dry, try turning it and adding water (and maybe more food scraps). If you were not adding new material over the winter, it is time to turn it and see if there is anything to harvest. Compost that is not ready yet may need to have a little water added. It was a dry Fall, so moisture will keep your pile active.

Spring is also an excellent time to start composting if you haven’t tried it yet. Our Composting Program has lots of great information to help get you started, and by this time next year, you could have your own fertilizer ready for your garden.

Even if you are not starting your own garden this year, you too can participate in Manitoba’s bounty. This is a great time of year to sign up for a farm share. Community supported agriculture gives local farmers income security while providing you with quality local produce at a fair price. Don’t miss out on getting your basket of fresh local veggies all through the summer.

What are you doing to gear up for Spring this year?