Earth Day Canada is creating the 2015 Earth Flag. Why? To artistically display the commitment of Canadians from coast to coast with interest to ease climate change and reduce our carbon footprint. The goal? One million signatures.

You are invited to sign the Earth Flag, and take the following pledge:

“I pledge to make Earth Day Every Day and reduce my carbon footprint.”

Image1 (2)Signatures will be incorporated into the flag that will be taken to Paris in December for the 2015 Paris Climate Conference. It is the hope that the flag will be a stunning visual which will bring a positive message of resolve to address climate issues.

Share the message

Keep up-to-date on the race for signatures and how to stay involved by following the campaign on Twitter or Facebook. Help spread the word using #EarthFlag15.

Reduce your carbon footprint

Earth Day Every Day is an easy-to-use mobile-friendly tool that challenges and rewards people to take action to reduce their environmental impact at home, at work and at play. The goal is to help Canadians reduce their carbon footprint 20% by 2020, in line with global emission reduction targets. Get started!

Infographic (2)
Green Action Centre is proud to be a promotional partner supporting this initiative. Watch for our little piece of the flag at upcoming events and presentations.