I have a confession.  I am sitting down right now as I write this.  And, if I had to bet, I’d wager you’re reading this from the comfort of a chair or a bus seat.  Am I right?

Well, stand up.  Do it!  Now!  Make your day harder!

Feel better?  Make a habit of it and I may just have helped you add years to your life.

On my ride in this morning, I listened to The Current on CBC Radio: Sitting too long is making us sick: How to combat sitting disease.  It was a 24 minute motivational presentation about the dangers of sitting all day, how to find more ways of being active during your work day, and how this is translated in the workplace.

The Danes have a term that directly translates to “work joy” and workplaces there build this ethos into their culture… They want employees to feel energized and happy upon leaving work; and the Danish government goes so far as to require employers to make standing desks an option for all their employees.

This got me thinking… Does Green Action Centre foster a culture of “Work Joy”?  I did a casual poll of other staff members when I got in today and, we have to say… yes!

Firstly, we have incentives to walk, cycle and bus to work – we participate in Winnipeg Transit’s EcoPass program, so all have the option of having a monthly bus pass.  Those of us who bike or walk and don’t need the bus pass get a monthly transportation allowance which accommodates the odd bus ticket for the days the bus is more convenient, or helps with keeping our bikes tuned up.  Also, because none of us habitually drive to work, we have to walk, bus or bike to daytime meetings out of the office (or to wherever the closest Peg City Car Co-op car is located).

Secondly, we have an open concept office space with lots of natural light, a rooftop patio complete with tall-grass prairie garden and lots of plants that cleanse the air.  We were also fortunate to receive donated “recycled” desks through Anthony Allen – a furniture company that has a program for registered charities that helps them upgrade their office furniture.  It has definitely refreshed the office and made it more functional; and although the desks don’t move up and down as some standing desks do, some employees have fashioned their own by jerry-rigging Ikea furniture with instructions found with a basic Google search.

All of these things contribute to my sense of work-joy… including the fact that I get to come to a job that makes a difference and I get to work with people that I like.  What can you do today to make your day harder, your life longer and your workplace more healthful?  Leave a comment below.