Hang to dry and win! Manitobans celebrate International Clothesline Week

One of the solutions to living greener is in our own backyards. Share with us your clothesline pictures or stories and you will be entered into our International Clothesline Week draw.

International Clothesline Week is all about celebrating the free, easy and natural dryer – the clothesline! There are many reasons to switch to using clotheslines. Powered clothes dryers cost money and use very large amounts of energy – and that’s why people the world over are hanging up their laundry, therefore saving money and committing to responsible, easy and sustainable choices.

Possible Clothesline Categories:
Most unusual clothesline
Longest clothesline
Community clothesline examples
Youngest clothesline helper
Unusual clothesline experiences
Create a new category! What’s your idea?

Manitobans are invited to share their clothesline stories and participate by hanging their clothes out to dry instead of using energy-intensive dryers. For the week of June 4-11, International Clothesline Week (ICW) celebrates the clothesline dryer as an effective, cheap, fun and community-oriented way to dry clothes and other household fabrics.

Participating Manitobans can be entered to win a grand prize of a Green Action Centre t-shirt and a supply of environmentally responsible laundry supplies!

To participate: Tell us your clothesline stories! Send us pictures of your clothesline! Entries must be received by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, June 18, 2011.

e-mail: info@greenactioncentre.ca

Green Action Centre is coordinating International Clothesline Week in Manitoba and welcomes cooperation!

International Clothesline Week runs June 4-11. For other tips on simple living and ecological choices, visit www.GreenActionCentre.ca.