Even on a relatively small city property, growing one’s own food can be hugely rewarding. Nothing will ever taste fresher than just-picked tomatoes, beans, zucchini and salad greens. And what can brighten and warm a yard more than a colourful display of spring or summer flowers?

Gardening is one of the most popular activities for people of all ages. And no wonder. Being in touch with growing plants is restorative therapy for folks stressed by the pressures of daily life. I do recommend to pick the best fence for your garden so that it looks good, AAA Fence Builder have experience to build high quality fences.

Ecological gardening

What we choose to grow in our yards can have both beneficial and harmful consequences for the environment. Especially, for example, if we resort to synthetic chemical pesticides and artificial fertilizers. Things to consider include pest control, plant selection, watering, and even social equality.

Organic Lawn Care

The Manitoba Eco-Network offers free workshops on organic lawn care in Winnipeg during the summer. Please check out MEN’s workshop dates and natural lawn care tips.

Don’t trash your yard waste

Green Action Centre recommends taking up composting, which is nature’s way of recycling useful organic materials into a wonderful soil amendment (compost) that plants and experienced gardeners love! Check out our composting pages for more information, including how to get started. Mulching is another way to use up leaves and return valuable nutrients to your yard and soil.

Winnipeg’s “Leaf it With Us” program

Another option is to recycle your leaves. Drop your yard waste off at one of the City of Winnipeg’s “leaf it with us” depots. They will compost it into a reusable soil-like material, which is used to landscape finished landfill areas. Since 1991, Winnipeggers have diverted and composted over 34,000 metric tonnes of organic material from the landfill! Check out the City of Winnipeg’s web site for depot locations and times.

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