Start: November 6, 2017 7:00 pm
End: November 6, 2017 8:30 pm

Venue: Assiniboine Park Conservatory

Have you ever sat, tea cup in hand, and looked at your yard and dreamed about fresh eggs and honey, or even reading a classic book rather than kneeling in the dirt endlessly weeding?  Do you look over your shoulder for the compost police before you throw your potato peels in the garbage bin?  Are you weary of dragging a garden hose across the yard while beheading your favorite blooms?  Why do store bought strawberries taste like cardboard?

Do you find yourself looking for the Green Garden Fairy to wave her magic wand and turn your yard into a vegetable, fruit orchard with an abundance of flowers, birds, deep organic rich soil, a play area for the family that doesn’t demand your indentured servitude to a hoe?

Want to learn principles to turn this fantasy into a reality?

Permaculture uses intelligent design to work in unison with nature to build diverse, stable and resilient ecosystems to provide food, energy, and shelter in which plants, animals and humans interact beneficially with one another for the betterment of us all

Sounds confusing? 

It doesn’t have to be.  Let us walk you through the basic principles of permaculture and equip you with the confidence to collaborate with nature and renewable resources and design a yard that can feed, shelter, and comfort while creating a surplus that will increase diversity and fertility within your system…

….and have fun

Rebekah (BSc Agroecology) and Lynne Vickery (Permaculture Design Certificate, Master Gardener) are a mother and daughter team who share a love of nature and an atrociously overbooked ‘to do’ list.  When not hiding each others shovel they are happily designing on their adjoining acreage and plotting to green the planet one suburban yard at a time.

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