Start: October 1, 2023 12:00 am
End: October 31, 2023 12:00 am

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Join Us In Celebrating Circular Economy Month With The Forks Tour & Webinars!



October is Circular Economy Month!


What is a circular economy? It is a model of production and consumption that involves products being made to be used over and over again. ✅  Unfortunately right now, we live in a linear economy, where products are mostly designed to be used once and then thrown away. ❌


Register for our tour of the Forks and check out our food waste and composting webinars to learn more about a circular economy and how to reduce your waste!


♻️ Tour the Forks!

Sunday October 15th @11am: The Forks ‘Target Zero’ Tour

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Come out to learn about their zero-waste vision: zero garbage, zero water waste and zero carbon emissions. See their initiatives including their geothermal heat pump system, biofuel, composting, water use, recycling, bees & their public orchard, cycle track and future projects.


♻️ Register for our free food waste and composting webinars below!


1) Wednesday October 18th from 7-8pm -> Curb Your Footprint: A Workshop on Reducing Food Waste

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In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the world of food waste and explore simple yet effective strategies to minimize our “foodprint” on the planet. 🥦🌽 From meal planning and proper food storage to creative ways of using leftovers and busting commonly held food safety myths, we’ll cover it all! Get ready to learn helpful practical tips and tricks.

Offered in partnership with Red River Co-op as part of their Food Waste Reduction and Education Project.


2) Thursday October 19th from 7-8pm -> Rescue & Reimagine: Grassroots Food Redistribution in Winnipeg

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Tune in to see what food rescue organizations are doing in Winnipeg. We have speakers from Leftovers Foundation and Fireweed Food Co-op.

Leftovers Foundation:

Julia from Leftovers Foundation will speak about Leftover’s food rescue efforts in connecting food donors with service agencies. The foundation’s goal is to make sure no good, edible food is wasted.

For more information about Leftovers Foundation, check out their website:

Fireweed Food Co-op:

Jill will join us from Fireweed Food Co-op, and will be speaking about their Veggie Van and Waste Not Program.

Fireweed Food Co-op is a non-profit co-op for producers and supporters of Manitoba-grown sustainably-produced food. Their work in food security includes the Veggie Van, which serves produce to underserved communities in Winnipeg, and the Waste Not Program, which diverts and upcycles food waste from their farmers market and food hub and distributes it to food justice and food security organizations.

For more information about Fireweed Food Co-op and their programs, check out their website:

Offered in partnership with Red River Co-op as part of their Food Waste Reduction and Education Project.


3) Wednesday October 26th from 7-9pm -> Advanced Composting Techniques with Compost Education Centre

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Join Green Action Centre and the Compost Education Centre for an exciting workshop where we delve into the world of composting like never before! Discover advanced techniques to take your composting skills to the next level. This webinar is suited to folks with previous experience with composting.

Join Kayla, the Site Manager & Adult Education Coordinator for an in-depth discussion about advanced composting!

Topics that will be addressed include: the importance of composting, hot composting, dynamic accumulator plants, compost tea, humanure, in-situ composting (i.e sheet mulching) and bokashi.


Happy Circular Economy Month and Waste Reduction Week! ♻️


This event series is made possible by funding from the City of Winnipeg.

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