Commuter Challenge: Workplace Coordinator Corner

Green Action Centre is here to help you bring the Commuter Challenge to your workplace!

Step 1Register your workplace. Select ‘Manitoba‘ and then your city/town/village. Input your company name, your name, contact information, number of employees, and how you found out about the event.

Step 2: Once you are registered, obtain your unique registration URL. Send this to your co-workers for an easy registration.

Step 3: Register for our workplace coordinator information session to learn the most effective ways to lead the Commuter Challenge at your workplace.

After you have completed these steps, make use of the resources below to increase participation with your team!


 Workplace Coordinator Resources

Jack Frost Challenge 2021 RESULTS!

Congratulations to all Jack Frost Challenge participants! Check out the final 2021 results here!

Jack Frost Challenge Update!

We hope you had fun exploring our (extra cold) winter wonderland!

Jack Frost Challenge Results – Daily Update

The Jack Frost Challenge 2021 is in full swing and you all are being absolute champions by bundling up and braving the cold during this extra frosty week. We are having some technical difficulties on the website and it turns out the full challenge results are not...

Winter Fun Roundup

Manitoba has so many hidden gems, don’t let the weather get you down, it’s time we embrace our winter wonderland! We’ve rounded up some resources for you to check out, from snowshoeing and hiking, to skiing and biking! 

Are you ready for the Jack Frost Challenge?!

Join the over 700 other Manitobans who have taken the pledge to get outside, have fun, and earn the chance to win awesome prizes during the week of February 7-13th!


Full prize list available here!






    Original stickers designed by Deanna Bogaski.

    Walk! sticker ||  Carpool! sticker || Bus! sticker || Bike! sticker

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      Our workplace is registered for #CommuterChallengeMB! Join us in choosing healthy and sustainable commutes during the week of June 2-8, 2019. We challenge you to take on the challenge with us! (Click to Tweet

      Our workplace is gearing up for #CommuterChallengeMB taking place June 2-8! We are tuning our bikes, loading our peggo cards, and matching with carpool partners. We are ready to take on the challenge! (Click to Tweet

      Want to go head to head with our workplace? Register for #CommuterChallengeMB to compete with us on sustainability! We intend to walk, bike, bus, carpool, and telecommute our way to victory! (Click to Tweet


      GoManitoba is a FREE province-wide platform that connects individuals from multiple workplaces, organizations, and communities. Choose to commute with others from your workplace, or those who are simply travelling the same route as you. Learn more about using GoManitoba here.