That’s right, the Commuter Challenge is back for another year! 

May 31st may seem far away, but it is FAST approaching.

Is your workplace ready? Register today at!

COVID-19 Response

Green Action Centre recognizes the scope and severity of this global pandemic. We are making adjustments to the annual Commuter Challenge event to ensure the health and safety of all participants.

Participants can expect to see changes to our events, prize offerings, messaging, and more.

We hope that the Commuter Challenge can help to connect colleagues during these unprecedented times and keep the conversation going about sustainable commuting (including tele-commuting!).

What is the Commuter Challenge?

During the first week of June, Canadians celebrate National Environment Week by participating in the well-known Commuter Challenge event. This challenge encourages participants to choose sustainable modes of commuting, such as; walking, running, wheeling, cycling, busing, telecommuting, and/or carpooling. These sustainable commutes promote employee wellness, while simultaneously cutting air pollution, reducing traffic congestion, and lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The upcoming Commuter Challenge is taking place May 31st – June 6th, 2020. Mark your calendar!

How to Participate in the Commuter Challenge?

Workplaces, employees, and individuals may register for this FREE challenge at To participate, registered individuals choose sustainable modes of commuting throughout the week and log their kilometres online to contribute towards their workplace totals. Numerous prizes are available for individual participants and awards are available for workplaces with the highest participation percentages.

Why Should You Participate in the Commuter Challenge?

There are many reasons that over 20,000 Canadians and over 6,000 Manitobans participate in the Commuter Challenge each year. The event is free, fun, and gives participants the chance to win fantastic prizes from local businesses. It also lets you get a little competitive with other provinces, cities, communities, workplaces, and offices.

At the end of the challenge, workplaces see healthier employees, boosted morale, higher productivity, less air pollution, reduced traffic congestion, and a lessened need for parking facilities.

Those who take part in the challenge feel healthier, happier, and proud of their sustainable actions!

Ready to Take on the Challenge? 

All you have to do is get registered, remember, it’s FREE!

Start by registering your workplace and registering for our workplace coordinator webinar.

Want to learn more? Check out our event page for more on our events, prizes, and sponsors!