It’s really ‘COOL’ to play in the snow

– Elmwood High School teacher

The second annual Jack Frost Challenge for Schools was great

Participation tripled from last year, with over 10 000 students from 62 registered classes/schools, across 15 divisions. The “build-your-own” event let teachers and students choose how they wanted to enjoy time outdoors in the winter, with combinations of outdoor class activities and extracurricular events. Schools hosted carnivals, outdoor physical and health education classes, snow art, class walks, pick-up hockey, and more! 

So many Champions 

There were more than triple the numbers of participants from last year

We want to acknowledge all the hard work of the teachers and administrators who coordinated Jack Frost Challenge at their school. All participating schools will receive a participation certificate to celebrate their success!  Keep an eye on your mailbox 🙂

These are the schools who took part: 

A.E. Wright
Aboriginal Community Campus
Amber Trails Community School
Boissevain School
Boyne Valley School
Brock Corydon School
Carman Collegiate
Constable Edward Finney
Ecole Belmont
École Charleswood School
École Laura Secord School
École LaVérendrye
École Leila North
École Margaret Underhill
École Marie-Anne Gaboury
Ecole Riverview School
Ecole St. AvilaElm Creek
Elmwood High School
Elwick Community School
Frontenac School
Garden Grove School
General Wolfe
Gordon Bell High School
Harstone Children Centre
Holland Elementary School
InksterJohn G Stewart
John Pritchard School
Joseph Teres
Lions de LaVerendrye
Major Pratt School
Minitonas School
Minnewastsa School
Niverville Elementary
Oak bank Elementary School
R.H.G. Bonnycastle School
Southwood School
Ste. Marie School
Treasure Keepers Children’s Centre
Tyndall Park School
UWSA Daycare
Victory School
West St Paul School


“Tell someone to take you outside. It’s fun!” 

– Student at Holland Elementary



Image Description: Holland elementary celebrates Winter Walk Day and plays follow-the-leader


Schools went above and beyond. Check out these super fun and creative ways to be outside, learn, and have fun.

Winter Fun Day or Carnival

Include the whole school in a fun day in the snow. Gordon Bell, General Wolfe, and John Pritchard are some of the schools that hosted a school-wide event to encourage students to try-out outdoor winter fun and sports.

Set up outdoor activity stations (as many as you want!), and use a passport to help students explore new things or have fun doing what they already love. You can have student volunteers manage the stations, like a leadership class, a sports team, or an older grade.

    Station Examples and Ideas:

    • Sledding
    • tire pull
    • pick-up hockey
    • snowshoeing
    • sled pulling races
    • skating
    • fatbike rides
    • cross-country skiing
    • fire-building
    • snow sculpting
    • team ski races
    • relay

    Image description: Gordon Bell students ride fatbikes and play hockey

    Image description: Students at Brock Corydon participate in a relay race

    Outdoor Ed

    Take a break from being in the gym and hit the snow for skiing, snowshoeing or skating. 

    Ask a local community centre for access to their ODR, or shake off the dust from cross-country skis stashed in a basement. 

    Image description: Students learn to ski at Killarney School

    Outdoor Art

    Take your students outside to get creative in the snow.

    Turn the snow into a canvas with water tinted with paint, or use the snow in place of clay for some life-sized sculpting.

    Snow shovels, and tools used to build in the sand work really well in snow! 

    “I didn’t know we could do art outside in the snow!! It was SO much fun to make flowers and butterflies! It almost felt like spring.”

    – Teacher from Boyne Valley School

    Image description: Student at Leila North creates snow rainbow

    Image description: A bowling set made out of the snow by kids at Harstone Children’s Centre

    Outdoor Class

    Spend time outside as part of the class-time. Teach a lesson outside to provide experiential learning. Not sure where to start? Here are some examples of what some classes did for JFC 2020: 

    • Learn the solar system by building it in the snow
    • Outdoor education and history – learn how to build a quinzee or igloo and talk about indigenous cultures in Canada
    • Story-sharing around a winter fire or while on a walk as part of Learn to Read month
    • Snowshoe and learn about Anishinaabe, Cree and Iroqois history
    • Use a scavenger hunt to explore the environment and talk about ecosystems in the winter

    Image description: Grade 1 and 2 students at Brock Corydon learn to build quinzees

    “Winter is a great season to be outside and there is so much to learn about habitats and our environments during this season”

    – Teacher at Montrose School

    Image description: Leila North builds planets out of the snow to learn the solar system

    Image description: Brock Corydon has a scavenger hunt to learn about the environment

    Winter Walk Day

    Go for a walk around your school community for winter walk day! Encourage students to make signs, so it’s like a fun parade to celebrate walking in the winter. 

    Take time to warm up after with a snack like hot chocolate and bannock! 

    Image description: Students walk with signs at Arthur E. Wright

    Image description: Aboriginal Community Campus students take a walk along the river

    Everyone Likes Prizes

    Participation Prize
    Prize category presented by CAA Manitoba
    Awarded to a school or class who registered and participated in outdoor activity. 

    • A FREE field trip to FortWhyte Alive for up to 30 students (value of $400)

    Results: Congratulations to Tyndall Park Community School (Grade 3 Class) for celebrating winter!

    Most Kilometres Kid
    Awarded to the kid with the highest number of logged kilometres

    Results: Congratulations to Deyton at Laidlaw School for completing 111 kilometres of outdoor activity!

    Most Kilometres Class
    Awarded to the classroom team with the highest average of logged kilometres during the challenge week of February 2-8, 2020
    Prize category presented by CAA Manitoba

    • Pizza Party ($50 gift card to pizza location of choice) & Ice Cream Party ($50 gift card to Fete Ice Cream & Coffee)

    Results: Congratulations to 3/4 MUT Class at Laidlaw School (with an average of 64 km/person)! 


    “What a wonderful experience to give our students. January and February can be the hardest times of the year for mental health challenges. Physical activity and being outdoors are two amazing strategies to help us through these hard times. Healthy body, healthy mind!” – Teacher at Elwick Community School