On January 25, Winnipeg City Council voted to approve a preliminary plan to widen Kenaston Boulevard from 4 lanes to 6 between Ness and Taylor Avenues. If the plan is implemented, the $130 million project would see more of Winnipeg’s housing stock torn down for highway expansion, contribute to urban sprawl and could make the route less safe for pedestrians, cyclists and children.

Green Action Centre was the only intervening group to present recommendations to to City Council at the January 25 meeting.

Green Action Centre recommends and requests:

  1. Requiring a pedestrian overpass at Lockston Avenue.
  2. Adding an additional active transportation corridor along the east side of Kenaston.
  3. Making provisions for rapid transit, or a priority transit corridor such as diamond lanes.
  4. Consider adding a toll system at the St. James Bridge or Taylor underpass to generate revenue for road use.

Read Green Action Centre’s brief to Council.