Minister Gordon Mackintosh, Anne Lindsey and media (Photo: Green Action Centre)

(Photo: Green Action Centre)

Today, our coalition Cosmetic Pesticide Ban Manitoba delivered letters and a petition supported by over 1000 people to Conservation and Water Stewardship Minister Gordon Mackintosh calling for a ban on the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in Manitoba. We are one step closer towards our goal of reducing the unnecessary and dangerous toxic load imposed by cosmetic pesticides on the environment, our health and our children.

Read news release:

Anne Lindsey and Vicki Burns at Press Conference- September 24, 2012 The pressure for a ban on cosmetic pesticide is growing. Media reports that a ban in some form has been “all but confirmed“. However, we need your support more than ever if the ban is to be effective. Weak regulations will be a step backwards.  We need you to support us in making Manitoba a national leader in effective cosmetic pesticide regulation.

Three ways to help out:

  1. Cosmetic Pesticide Manitoba Banner - September 24 2012

    Sign our petition and pass the word on to others.

  2. Write your own letter or comments to the government consultation.
  3. Call your MLA to let them know you support a strong ban on cosmetic pesticides.

Together we will succeed!