On July 13, the City of Winnipeg released the draft OurWinnipeg 2045 for public review and input. This document will guide development of Winnipeg for the next 25 years. We encourage you to participate in the online surveys and share your thoughts with the City by August 10.

Planning for our shared future: City of Winnipeg seeking input on strategy for the sustainable growth of our city

[Excerpted from the press release]

With Winnipeg on pace to grow by over 160,000 people in the next 20 years, the City of Winnipeg is determining how our city should grow in a way that builds community, improves quality of life, and ensures sustainability for the environment. The blueprint for how Winnipeg should grow has been detailed in strategic planning initiatives that the City is now looking for Winnipeg residents to share their views on.

The City has developed its strategy for sustainable growth in two interconnected planning initiatives:

OurWinnipeg – The City’s 25-year development plan, which provides a vision, goals, and policies intended to influence leadership and good governance, priority setting, the delivery of City services, how residents get around the city, and decisions about how Winnipeg grows. OurWinnipeg is required by the City of Winnipeg Charter, which requires the City to adopt, by by-law, a development plan that sets out long-term plans and policies. The current update of OurWinnipeg has been guided to this point by earlier public consultation, as well as input by the Community Advisory Committee.

Complete Communities Direction Strategy – Building on policies set out in OurWinnipeg, Complete Communities is a citywide secondary plan that guides growth, development, and land use in Winnipeg.

Information and feedback opportunities for these initiatives are being presented together in order to provide a complete picture of how these planning documents propose to achieve the City’s goals for sustainable growth as the population of Winnipeg continues to climb.

For more information on OurWinnipeg and Complete Communities, and to view the draft documents, please visit winnipeg.ca/ourwinnipegTo share your thoughts on how Winnipeg’s future is envisioned through these initiatives, please visit: winnipeg.ca/ourwinnipeg2045.