Green Action Centre proposes initiatives to green Manitoba’s budget

At the Manitoba Provincial Budget Consultations in Winnipeg, Green Action Centre submitted its list of proposals to the Province to make Manitoba’s economy and budget more environmentally sustainable.

These priorities include recommendations to:

  1. Finance roadway infrastructure from vehicles and fuels, not general revenues.
  2. Encourage a shift in energy usage through a tax shift based on carbon pricing.
  3. Support workplace transportation demand management with matching employer subsidies.
  4. Increase the Waste Reduction and Recycling Support (WRARS) landfill levy and diversion rebate to promote Industrial, Commercial and Institutional, and Construction and Demolition waste diversion.
  5. Establish a Green Budget Working Group to examine these and other measures to promote a sustainable and just Manitoba.

Manitoba requires the addition of an environmental lens to the budgetary decision making process. Too often our province impresses with its bold adoption of sustainability targets. We need policies commensurate with the goals we adopt. Green Action Centre offers the above recommendations as examples of the kind of policies that can provide the right economic environment to achieve our common goals for a more sustainable and just Manitoba.

Download Greening the Provincial Budget (2010).
Download Greening Manitoba’s Budget (2012).

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