Last month Members of Parliament voted down a bill that would have required an economic assessment before the introduction of new genetically engineered crops, with most Liberal and Conservative MPs voting against it. Thousands of people across the country wrote their MPs before the vote to support the bill. It turns out your efforts were worth it. The federal Liberals have now introduced a motion to ban genetically engineered alfalfa.

GE alfalfa has been a big concern to organic farmers in Manitoba. The bees that pollinate alfalfa travel several kilometres during their foraging. If GE alfalfa is introduced, it is sure to contaminate neighbouring organic farms. Organic alfalfa is an important feed for organic livestock in this province. It was under consideration of issues like this that the US Supreme Court ruled against Monsanto and in 2007 and 2010 on the issue of GE alfalfa.

You can find info about writing letters to your MP on this issue at:

Keep the bees happy!