We use a lot of energy in our homes – for heating and cooling, lighting, water heating, cooking, communications, entertainment, and more. A survey reported by Canada’s Office of Energy Efficiency found:

  • About 60 per cent of Canadian household energy use is for space heating.
  • An increasing number of households have more than one refrigerator.
  • Nearly 65 per cent of Canadian homes have two television sets, and almost one-quarter have three or more TVs.
  • The average Canadian house uses 26 light bulbs.

Saving Energy and Money

For information on common household appliances, please check out the Appliances section of our site.

For other practical suggestions, advice and information on rebates for insulation and energy-saving upgrades, we recommend checking out Manitoba Hydro’s excellent Power Smart for Homes web site. You can take a virtual room-by-room tour of energy-saving tips, and find out about a home energy evaluation options that can be done in person, by mail or on-line.