Are you unable to compost at home and looking for a place to take your compostable materials? There are numerous community compost sites in Winnipeg coordinated by a variety of organizations. Each site may have different protocols, so please be sure to follow all local signage and instructions. All of these sites will be limited to plant-based waste (i.e. no meat/dairy/oil), and it is always polite to ensure your food scraps etc. are in reasonable sizes (e.g. entire pumpkins should be chopped up). Just like for a home compost, unacceptable materials include compostable plastics (unless otherwise signed), meat, dairy, oils, diseased plants, weeds with seeds, and anything that should be recycled or landfilled (like food wrappers and fruit stickers).


Spence Neighbourhood Association


All community gardens have compost bins that are accessible to community members year round.

  • Ashley Hudson Memorial Garden – 607-611 Langside St
  • Sheba’s Paradise – 483-485 Young Street
  • The International Garden – 446 Langside Street
  • Public Compost Bins – 559 Langside Street
  • The Kids Garden – 435-437 Furby St
  • Public Compost Bins – 547 Furby Street
  • Sunshine Gardens – 637/639 Maryland
  • Green House – 689 Maryland St.
  • McGee St. Garden – 448 McGee St.
  • Jacob Penner Park Community Garden

West Broadway Community Organization


Phone: 204-774-7201

  • Spirit Park – 200 Young Street (*currently not available*)
  • Rock and Horse Park – 152 Langside Street
  • Broadway Neighbourhood Centre/Good Food Garden – 185 Young Street
  • Westminister Community Garden – 659 Westminister Avenue

St. Matthew’s-Maryland Community Ministry


  • Public Compost Bins – 448 McGee Street

South Osborne (Riverview/Lord Roberts)

  • Lord Roberts Community Garden compost bins – Argue St, by the Lord Roberts Community Centre


  • Public Community Compost Bins – Glenwood Community Centre – 27 Overton Street
  • Community Compost Site – Crescent Fort Rouge United Church – 525 Wardlaw Ave


Know of a compost site that welcomes community members to drop their fruit & vegetable scraps and/or garden waste? Let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to our list! Help us keep this resource current!

Want to volunteer with composting? Reach out to any of the organizations above to see what you can do to help maintain and monitor the bins.

Don’t have a community compost bin near you, and need a spot to drop off? Have a backyard compost bin with extra room? The ShareWaste app can match those with compost bins to those who need a place to compost, for free!