This Valentine’s Day marks our 30th Anniversary and I’d like to thank you for getting us here.

Thank you for loving and caring for the environment. Thank you for believing in us and in the power of individuals to make to a difference. We are grateful for your support and your desire to live green and live well.

Together, we’ve made significant strides in the past 30 years, but our work is just as important today as in 1985. We are at a critical juncture and must continue to take better care of the planet. Our anniversary wish is to see more people riding the bus, cycling and walking; more people educated about consumption patterns – thinking about whether they need to buy something before they buy it and choosing more sustainable products; and more people connecting with and showing respect for our natural environment.

Living Green Necklace

The new Living Green necklace, designed by Hilary Druxman. Net proceeds support the Centre.

Valentine’s Day is a day to express love. In addition to showing your love for that special someone, how about showing your love for the planet too? Support Green Action Centre and purchase our unique Living Green necklace, handcrafted by local designer Hilary Druxman, who recycles and re-uses all of their scrap metal – even the sweepings! Each necklace retails for $40, and all net proceeds will go toward ongoing waste reduction and sustainable transportation projects at the Centre.

Interested in other ways to be a green valentine? Rather than sending paper cards or cut flowers, think about what it is you love about your Valentine and then tell them how you feel during a quiet walk together. What about making a special meal using local and organic produce? Consider shopping at second-hand stores for a pre-loved, vintage gift; not only is that romantic, it helps the planet by keeping more stuff out of the landfill!

If you’re short on time, buy some organic or fair trade chocolate and wrap it in a lovely handwritten message using recycled paper. Not sure where to go? Visit Fair Trade Manitoba for help and to sign up for the Fair Trade Challenge, which begins on February 14th.

Speaking of love, we’d like to send a few valentines of our own and recognize some of the groups that have partnered with us for our 30th Anniversary: MEC, The Winnipeg Foundation, Manitoba Community Services Council, ArtCity, The Downtown Biz, the Manitoba Green Building Council, Hilary Druxman, and Manoverboard.

I invite you to join us throughout the year for stories from our guest bloggers and environmental change-makers. As well, visit our site often to see what else we’re up to and how you can help us celebrate 30 years of environmental action. Now that’s a relationship worth celebrating!



“The poetry of the earth is never dead
~ John Keats

With gratitude,

Executive Director