Making the Case

for Active School Travel

Why We Want kids to



to and from school 


Saving time and money

Active school travel saves money (and hours of our time) for all stakeholders. 

School Divisions / Boards: Reduced demand for school buses, which eat up significant amounts of funding
Schools: Reduced traffic congestion means fewer staff, administrators, or volunteer hours required to monitor drop-off and pick-up zones, and time spent discussing traffic issues with concerned parents or residents. 
Government: Less congestion means less wear on roads, reduces the need for expensive vehicle infrastructure, and lowers greenhouse gas emissions

The Government of Manitoba supports healthy schools  


Being active on the way to and from school addresses physical and mental concerns for children and youth. It’s fun, improves concentration, increases physical activity throughout the day, and contributes to the development of healthy lifestyles into adulthood

  • Only 9% of kids get the 60 minutes of heart-pumping physical activity they need each day
  • Manitoba has the 2nd highest rate of Type 2 Diabetes in children in the world

Read more in the Making Children Count Report and the ParticipACTION Report Card

Traffic Congestion and Road Safety

If students are walking or biking to school, there will be fewer cars on the road for trips related to getting kids to and from school. Traffic congestion will decrease during drop-off and pick-up times at schools, and our roads will be safer with lower traffic volumes.

  • 40% of Manitoba’s greenhouse gas emissions are a result of transportation
  • Traffic congestion is directly linked to poor air quality and increased greenhouse gases around schools

Children’s Mobility & Independence

Kids need opportunities for unsupervised ‘risky’ play. It’s essential for cognitive development, social skills, 

Find more facts and expert advise on unsupervised play here

Building and Supporting Community

  • Enhances neighbourhood, safety, social connectivity, and sense of community

Ready to get rolling with active school travel?

The 5 E’s are the essentials of successful walking, biking, and rolling initiatives.

Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement and Evaluation.

Check out these 5 E’s Resources