Every year in June, over 20,000 Canadians participate in greener commuting options during this FREE week-long event. Workplaces and individuals explore green transportation options which benefit people and the planet. All you need to do is register and log your green commutes during the week of June 4 – 10 to participate and win prizes! Green commutes include cycling, walking, taking the bus, carpooling & telecommuting; pretty much any mode of transportation that isn’t driving alone in your car! You can register individually or with your workplace.

Dates: June 4 – 10, 2017
Media Launch: June 1st @ Noon: Red River Paterson Institute (Bijou Park off of Old Market Square) 504 Main St. More info.
Clean Air Day on the Osborne St. Bridge: June 7th, 6:45am-9am. Stop by for morning coffee & treats! More info here.
Twitter accounts: Local: @greenactionctr | National: @commuterchllng
Official hashtags: #commuterchallengeMB #greenaction

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Register today & log your KMs to win prizes!

Congrats on going solo!! The challenge is for everyone! You’ll be entered to win sweet prizes and be kept in the loop about events and information related to the challenge. Remember to track your KMs throughout the challenge to win! Click here to register yourself as an individual.

Unless your workplace has said otherwise, you will need to register as an employee by selecting your workplace name from the drop down menu where you will be responsible for entering your own green commutes during the week of June 4-10, 2017. Click here to register yourself as an employee. If your workplace is not listed this either means your coordinator has not yet registered your workplace or that no one has stepped up to get your workplace signed up yet! Consider becoming your workplace coordinator and get more people moving with you! Our local commuter challenge coordinator will be happy to help give you the tools you’ll need to pull off this fun event.
Contact Challenge@greenactioncentre.ca with any questions.


Register for Commuter Challenge with your workplace

Green Action Centre is here to help you bring the Commuter Challenge to your workplace. Each year, hundreds of people register their workplace and act as their workplace coordinator. Click here to register your workplace & get started!

Visit our Coordinators Corner to access tools, materials and workplace coordinator tools you need to increase participation at your workplace!

Manitobans rise to the challenge every year!

Last year 7,364 Manitobans participated in the National challenge in over 30 cities and towns! Manitobans represent just shy of 40% of the total national numbers, an outstanding achievement. Winnipeg has won for highest amount of participation 12 out of the past 13 years of Commuter Challenge and several other towns in Manitoba have collected awards for their size categories!

Take a look at the 2016 results info-graphic here for a overview of the impact Manitobans made last year. Let’s have fun and defend our winning titles again this year! For more commuter #inspo you can also read up on local commuter stories here.

Why participate?

  1. Environment: It’s Great for the Planet

Here are the facts: Commuting by car is the largest single source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Manitoba. GHG emissions are the leading cause of climate change and air pollution. These pollutants are a source of further problems for people with respiratory ailments. Reducing the use of motor vehicles for transportation also reduces the need for new roadways and parking lots.

  1. Financial: Save Yourself Some Money

According to the CAA, the average cost to own and operate a vehicle can range from $8,500-$11,500 or higher each year based on the typical 18,000 km driven. Compare this to the cost of a monthly bus pass year-round ($900) or better yet, save all your money by using your bike to get around! There are also bigger financial benefits related to health care costs and reducing the need for your community to continue expanding roads.

  1. Health: Active Commuting is Active Living

Today more and more people are becoming increasingly sedentary in their lifestyle. A recent Manitoba in motion study found that less than half of all Manitobans get enough physical activity. Using active and sustainable transportation – like walking, cycling and riding the bus – allows people to incorporate at least some physical activity into their everyday commute. It’s also a great stress reliever!

  1. Prizes: Get Ready to Win!

Convinced? Ready to green commute? Why not get rewarded for it. Check out our awesome 2017 prize list!