Thank you to the 200 young artists, teachers, schools and everyone who contributed to our 2015 poster contest! We have chosen the winner and honourable mention posters from the contest and want to acknowledge the all the hard work and great young artists we have right here in Manitoba.

Congratulations to all of our top finalists shown below.

Poster winner 2015 Ali

The winner for the Bike and Walk to School 2015 Poster Contest is Marina of Isaac Brock School!

Marina’s drawing will be incorporated into the Bike to School Month and Clean Air Day 2015 promotional poster

Marina will receive a framed copy of her original artwork at a special presentation ceremony, as well as a prize, and recognition in Off on the Right Foot, the ASRTS Manitoba newsletter.  Congratulations!

Congratulations also go to our other top poster picks:

ASRTS- poster contest karen-ecole st avila

Runner Up: Karen L. from Ecole St Avila School


ASRTS- poster contest Navjot- hc avery Runner Up: Navjot G from H.C. Avery School

 ASRTS- poster contest 2015 Eleanor- Westwood

Runner Up: Eleanor G from Westwood Elementary School

ASRTS- poster contest 2015 green team- Stony Mountain

Runner Up: The Green Team (Megan, Tess, Shae and Hope) from Stony Mountain Elementary School

ASRTS-poster contest 2015 Kaija Ecole St Germain

Runner Up: Kaija K from Ecole St Germain School

ASRTS-poster contest 2015 Renae Southwood

Runner Up: Renae B from Southwood School

ASRTS-poster contest Umme H

Runner Up: Umme H from Al Hijra Islamic School

ASRTS -poster contest 2015- Blaire Barker School

Runner Up: Blaire B from Barker School

The Bike and Walk to School poster contest is a way to get students thinking and drawing about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and making changes which benefit the environment.

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