July 1 – july 31, 2022  


Plastic Free July, a campaign that started in Australia but has now gained traction world-wide, challenges people to think about the plastic they use in their lives and take action to reduce it.

This year, we’re celebrating the 12th anniversary of the movement towards a world without plastic waste! 


Will you join us by taking on the challenge?



    Why we think it’s important to cut down on plastic use:

    • Plastic is made from non-renewable fossil fuels
    • Plastic can take up to 1000 years to breakdown, and never fully degrades, remaining in the environment as microplastics
    • Plastic bags, bottles, packaging, and straws are the most commonly littered items (cigarette butts holding the first place)
    • Plastic ends up in our waterways, polluting our drinking water, harming marine life, and building up in our bodies


        our challenge to you



        Evaluate what kind of single-use plastics you use in your life (bags, packaging, coffee cups, straws, drink bottles)


        Think about ways in which you could move away from using single-use plastics


        Commit to making the changes!

        How do we win prizes?

        Take part in Plastic Free July by sharing on social media using the #PlasticFreeMB! Show us how you go #PlasticFree! Snap a photo, and be sure to tag @greenactioncentre, telling us how you’re taking on the plastic-free challenge.


        Must reside in Manitoba to be eligible to win. Winners will be contacted the first week of August.

        Good luck & have fun!

        Spread the word

        Share how you choose to reduce on social media by using the event hashtag 



        Looking to learn more? We’ve got a number of online resources to help you cut down on plastic waste! 


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