How did you get to school today? Our 30 second surveys help understand how students travel to school across Manitoba. To complete a survey on BikeWalkRoll, simply ask the students in your class how they traveled to school, and record the various modes of transport. This can be conducted through a simple hands up survey, or any other method that you may find easier.

The five transports modes to record are:
1) Bike
2) Walk
3) Roll*
4) Car
5) Bus
*Wheelchairs, skateboards, scooters, and roller blades

We recommend two options for inputting this data: 1) record the information from the survey on paper and input later, or 2) directly add the information into the app as you conduct the survey. Please note that the transport mode recorded should be the one employed for the majority of the trip. To enter your survey data, you can either hit the “Add a school” button or you can find your school on the map.

Enter the data by typing in the number of students who employed each travel mode into the corresponding mode. After all travel modes have been accounted for, select “Enter”, and watch as the site generates a score for your school. You can then compare this score to other schools in Winnipeg and across the world!

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