The Active and Safe Routes to School Program in Manitoba successfully hosted our first ever webinar series this winter 2012/13 in conjunction with the After The School Bell Rings project. This 5 session series was based on questions often asked in communities around Manitoba that are trying to encourage youth to walk or cycle. Over 60 individuals signed in ranging from parents, schools, after school programs, and communities to learn our programs tips and program ideas to help create communities where our children walk and wheel to school.

The webinar sessions were archived and are easily accessible to watch from your own computer. Please find the session detail below and the archive links to access the presentations.

Note: Some sessions contained special handouts, if you would like to receive these materials please contact us by e-mail at asrts (at)

Archived Sessions:

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how to start A bike repair program & shop in your school or community

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Presenter: Geoff Heath – the WRENCH

Ever been stuck at school with a flat tire? Brakes not working? Having nearby access to tools and knowledgeable volunteers that can help you learn makes a major difference in understanding the maintenance mechanics of a bicycle. Geoff Heath is the Mechanical Director of the Winnipeg Repair Education and Cycling Hub (WRENCH), a non-profit that supports both schools and communities to start their own repair programs and bike shops. Geoff has been involved in the founding and development of Winnipeg’s Bike Dungeon (U of M), Hugh John Macdonald Schools’ Bike Shop and The Orioles Bike Cage. Geoff hopes that one day every neighbourhood and community in Manitoba will boast a community bike shop.

5 Key Bike Safety Tips for Kids (Ages 9-11)

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Presenter: Dave Elmore – Green Action Centre

So your kids/students want to ride their bike to school? There is so much you want them to remember, but they are already zipping past you out the door. We have put together our top five key tips that you can both remember on one hand before hopping on that bike.  Green Action Centre’s own Dave Elmore will lead you through a this safety presentation you won’t want to miss. An avid cyclist, Dave has also served as the Director of Safety and Education for Bike to the Future since 2007 and is part of the planning teams for both Bike to Work Day and Ciclovia.

Winter Walking Activities for your Classroom or After School Program

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Presenter: Shoni Litinsky and Lea Grzenda – Green Action Centre

Walking (and oftentimes wheeling) can be done year-round and in all types of weather if people are properly prepared. Rainy or snowy weather will sometimes make people hesitant to gear up and head outside for an active commute, but using active transportation in rainy or wintery weather can have benefits not realized on warmer, sunnier days: playing in the snow, splashing in puddles, the invigorating feeling of cool air on your face. Green Action Centre’s Shoni Litinsky and Lea Grzenda will share activity ideas and tips to ensure your winter walking programs are a success, and that everyone is dressed appropriately! Shoni and Lea both love to commute outdoors in the wintertime, and are both avid proponents of long johns and wool socks!

Building a Culture of Walking and Cycling to School

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Presenter: Lea Grzenda and Masha Giller – Green Action Centre

Encouraging walking and cycling programs can be a challenge without a school or community culture that is supportive. This webinar session will focus on some basic things you can do to help build that walking and cycling culture in your community and will host a discussion to hear ideas from participants.  Green Action Centre’s Lea Grzenda and Masha Giller will share their experiences with you!


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Presenter Anders Swanson – Green Action Centre

Unfortunately the built environment around the school or community can often make it unsafe or inconvenient to walk or cycle to school. Through School Travel Planning, many schools are bringing all of the stakeholders around the table to make improvements – and let’s face it, sometimes engineers sound like they are speaking another language! Anders Swanson will share the basics of engineering decision making and how important it is to both your school and community.  Anders has long had a passion for cycling, walking, canoeing and all forms of active transportation and thanks to his opportunities working with talented planners and engineers, he can help us better understand how the decision making process works!