Do you have a story to tell about your relationship with the natural environment? Perhaps a story about how you or others have taken action to protect or enhance the environment? A story about how nature has affected your life?

Peg, Winnipeg’s community indicator system, is looking for stories that speak to our relationship with the environment – stories that describe the current situation (both positive and negative) and that inspire others to take action.

We are looking for stories that help others understand the role of the natural environment in our wellbeing as well as our relationship with the natural environment. Where possible, we would love the stories to inspire other to make a difference in our community.

The stories on the Natural Environment, which will have a permanent home on our website (, should look at one or more of the areas identified below:

  • Active and sustainable transportation (e.g., cycling, walking, carpooling, . . . )
  • Waste reduction and diversion (e.g., recycling, composting, ‘upcycling’)
  • Water quality in our rivers and lakes
  • Climate change
  • Energy and water use
  • Use of green space
  • Air quality
  • Community gardens
  • Biodiversity (e.g., birding, xeriscaping)
  • Naturalization, preservation, or reclamation projects

Stories can be in text, video, or photo format. It is important to note that while we recognize that there are some incredible organizations working to enhance the environment, we are looking for stories of individuals rather than organizational profiles. Feel free to tap the shoulder of someone in your organization!

For more information on the criteria and qualifications, we have developed a description of “Criteria for Peg Stories”.

To receive a copy of the criteria or to submit a story, please contact Heather Block at

Thank you for considering submitting a story to Peg. We believe that stories are a powerful way of increasing understanding and motivating people to improve our city. Your story, regardless of how big or small, can be a part of that change.