How does your family travel, shop, clean, and use water? Are you doing the best you can to make sure your everyday actions have the least impact on the environment?

Green Action Centre teamed up with some eco-curious families to help give them that extra help and encouragement to adjust their lifestyle. The families were featured weekly on CBC radio as they took a shot at greening one aspect of their lives each week – corresponding to some of green action centre’s programs.

Checkout the CBC podcasts  to learn eco-friendly tips for your household:

  • Listen to the segment on how to green your groceries! Checkout the follow-up clip of how this family did with their new shopping and local cuisine challenge!
  • Listen to Green Action Centre staff teach this family about Composting! Find out how their backyard composting challenge went in this follow-up clip.
  • Can this family cut down their water consumption? Checkout this clip to see if you can learn any new tips!
  • What is your transportation footprint? This segment looks at sustainable ways to get around town. Our family received a bike trailer from Olympia Cycle and Ski on Portage, but will this new tool override their new car? Listen to find out!
  • In this inspiring closing interview (it even makes us choke up a bit!) the results for the family came in. Listen to see how this makeover challenge impacted the family, and whether eco-curious has changed to eco-committed!

Here’s a link to recipes for eco-friendly cleaning products on the Information Radio website.

The Green Family Makeover was a partnership with Information Radio on CBC Radio One 89.3 FM/990 AM, to bring you a fun series on easy, green living.

Prizes included a new bike trailer from Olympia Cycle and Ski on Portage, a backyard compost bin from the City of Winnipeg, a new rain barrel from Paul’s Containers, and a gift certificate for the families ‘green’ groceries. Thanks very much to our generous prize donors!