A Food Waste Reduction Program for Schools

“Nearly 60 percent of food produced in Canada – amounting to 35.5 million metric tonnes – is lost and wasted annually.” Food waste is a growing problem that can be avoided; everyone from the manufacturers and homeowners can play a part. Reducing food waste not only has environmental benefits, but also personal benefits of saving money and helping feed people in need.

We’re looking for schools who:

  • are interested in a FREE Food Waste Presentation for their classroom.
  • are between Grades 4 and 12.
  • have more than 1 classroom within the school interested in a presentation.
  • can commit to two presentations – one initial and one follow-up.
  • can commit to completing a classroom food waste reduction project.

If you fit all of the criteria, then please contact us to book your FREE presentations today!


Sorry – all the spots have been filled! Registration is now closed


Green Action Centre is excited to offer this Food Waste Reduction program to five schools (minimum 2 classrooms each) around Winnipeg. 

We will start by presenting about Food Waste – what it is and why it’s a problem – and then take an interactive quiz with your class. Following this, we will brainstorm a class project to help your school reduce it’s food waste. 

After a month, we will return to see how the project went and help you continue the fun all year long.


Wondering how this presentation applies to your teachings? Use this guide to see how this food waste reduction presentation fits into the Manitoba curriculum.


Food Waste K-12 Manitoba Curriculum connections

Composting K-12 Manitoba Curriculum Connections







There are lots of resources to help you learn more about reducing food waste. We’ve compiled a list of our favourites for you to look at here.