About The Composting Program

The Composting Program

Our composting program is a set of services coordinated by Green Action Centre to reduce food waste in Manitoba.

We provide Manitobans with the skills they need to compost in a way that works for them! 

We offer presentations and resources, coordinate on-site compost bin developments for schools, workplaces and multi-family residences, and host special events to help you, your household, and your community. 

Did you know

By composting organic material produced at home, at work and at school you can divert up to 40% of your waste stream and contribute to reducing greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere? What’s more, the finished compost is a valuable resource that can improve soil ecology by returning nutrients to the earth.

When you learn about the simple steps to ensure a successful bin, composting is both practical and possible for everyone!

Contact US

Lea Coté
(204) 925-3777 x 104

Kristen Malec
(204) 925-3777 x 108

Toll Free Compost Info Line: 1 (866) 394-8880
In Winnipeg: (204) 925-3777