Thanks for an amazing event! See you next year for Bike to School Month 2020!

Bike to School Month is four weeks of events, workshops, and incentives to encourage students to bike or wheel to school.

May 6 – June 5, 2019

Students and staff learn about active transportation, bike safety, healthy habits, clean air, and the fun of riding a bike! Bike to School Month is for everyone: students and staff can bike, walk, wheel or roll.

Sign up your school to participate, and host an event for one day, one week, or the whole month! 

Why participate?

Encourage healthy living

Biking, walking and wheeling to school is a great way for kids to get more physical activity and time outdoors

Help the planet

Active school travel reduces car trips – this reduces our carbon footprint, cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions, and improves air quality. 


Better education

Kids who are active on the way to school have better concentration, supporting a healthy classroom environment and improving kid’s school experiences

Why Register my school?

For these great perks and privileges!

All registered schools get:

  • Bike to School Month Promo Kit with free event posters and promotion materials
  • Event ideas and coordinating support from the Active and Safe Routes to School Team
  • Support for classroom BikeWalkRoll surveys to see how your school ranks
  • Active School Travel presentations for staff and PAC


Access to:

  • Free bike repair workshops (limited number)
  • Bike Blender Smoothies (limited number)


Chance to win prizes:

  • Eat’za Pizza Party!
  • Ice Cream Extravaganza!
  • Games Galore!
  • Summer Sporting Spectacular!

 Follow @greenactioncentre for updates!


How to Plan

Bike to School Month

Plan events to get kids biking at your school


Register your school or class for Bike to School Month


Choose what your school or class has capacity for – a day, a week, or a full month. Our friends at Ontario Active School Travel have created this great list of event ideas!


Use the Bike to School Month promo kit for bike bingo cards, fillable posters, and text for newsletters and social media!


Celebrate your success at Clean Air Day!

Here are some ideas of what Bike to School Month could look like at your school to get your creative mind going!

1 Day

Get to school wheeling or biking one day

Play 1 Day Bike Bingo

Host a workshop

Talk about bike safety during class

Select one day from May 6 – June 5, and encourage students and staff to bike to and from school

Include games and incentives to get kids rolling

1 Week

Get to school wheeling or biking every day

Play 1 Week Bike Bingo

Host a workshop

Book a presentation with us for the PAC

From May 13-17 (or any week in May if that’s not a good week for your school)

Plan events and programming, and join other schools across Manitoba for the spring School Travel Survey with the BikeWalkRoll.

1 Month

Week 1
May 5 – 10

Kick-off Assembly

Start Bike Bingo

Get to school wheeling or biking every day

Week 2
May 13 – 17

Get to school wheeling or biking every day

BikeWalkRoll province-wide counts

Morning smoothies with the Bike Blender

Week 3
May 20 – 24

Get to school wheeling or biking every day

Host a workshop

Week 4
May 27 – 31

Get to school wheeling or biking every day

Finish Bike Bingo and submit winning names to us

Wind Up Party
June 5

Clean Air Day
@ Kildonan Park

Host events over the course of the month, with programming each week

Track your schools progress as kids and staff bike and wheel to school


  • Host a workshop
  • Take part in the spring School Travel Survey with BikeWalkRoll
  • Complete the feedback survey after for a chance for your class or school to win prizes 
  • Celebrate your success at Clean Air Day


Schedule workshops as part of your Bike to School Month activities


Bike Blender Smoothies w/ Green Action Centre | 30-40 minute sessions | Grades 1-8

Learn about the unlimited potential of bicycles! We discuss what we like about cycling, what cycling looks like around the world, and how to overcome barriers to cycling more often. To top it all off, we whip up delicious strawberry-banana smoothie for the group using our bike blender.

Groups of no larger than 30 work best.

Request your workshop today!

Phone (204) 925-3777 x103

Bike Mechanics and Repair | 2 hours | Grades 4 – 12 | **WAIT LIST ONLY**

Students get hands-on experience working and learning about bikes. Choose from 4 workshops topics: 

  • Community Tune-up Stations
  • Intro Bike Mechanics and Fix a Flat Tire
  • Intro Bike Mechanics and Brake Adjustments
  • Bike Check and Safe Cycling

We have maxed out our workshop bookings, but if you would like to be put on a waiting list, let us know!

Phone (204) 925-3777 x103 or email

Cycling Safety with Manitoba Public Insurance Bike Rodeo

Want to learn more about safe cycling and get some biking tips? Schedule a Bike Rodeo or Cycling Champions event with MPI!

Cycle Safely Bike Rodeo 1 hour | Grades 1-4

Students get a chance to learn cycling safety basics, and then put it into practice with biking skills and drills. Visit MPI’s website for details! 

**Note in ‘ADDITIONAL INFO’ Bike to School Month to get priority

Cycling Champions 7.5 hours | Ages 16+

Been a while since you rode a bike? Every school needs an active school travel champion – someone who rides bikes, who knows about biking safety, and understands what people might experience on the road. If you’ve got teachers, parents, or older students who want to ride more, this workshop will give them the tools they need to take the lead. 

Email us if you would like to take the course, or for more details.


Spread the word through posters, social media, and newsletter communications!


I want to participate, but don’t have extra time to do it. Can you help?

Yes! Here are some low-demand options to participate in BTSM:

1. School Travel Counts with BikeWalkRoll

2. Bike Bingo

3. Bike to School Day

When you register, we will give you a School Promo Kit with the things you need to bring these ideas to life! 


How do we win prizes?

2. Host and event at your school
3. Submit our feedback form

Your school will be entered in the draw to win! You get an additional draw entry for every school you refer to participate, so share with your colleagues 🙂

Not all students bike. Can they still participate? 

Yes! Students and staff can walk, wheel, roll or use any active method of getting to school. 

Be creative with what kind of active travel would work for your students and staff. Even students who are driven can get practice walking if the school organizes a drive-to-five like they do in Nanaimo, B.C.!


Have a question?

We’re here to help!

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