Environmental Speakers Bureau

About the Environmental Speakers Bureau

Green Action Centre offers classroom presentations for schools in Winnipeg. Topics include recycling, litterless lunches, composting, climate change, water and the ecological footprint concept. See the complete list below. Presentations are age-appropriate for Nursery – Grade 12.

This program is supported by Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship.


ESB Presentation Topics


The Environmental Speakers Bureau offers classroom presentations in Winnipeg on a variety of topics for all grade levels. Presentations emphasize positive actions kids can take.

Resources for Teachers

blue box buddies

Teachers can obtain free ESB resources including backgrounders, activity ideas and handouts for students on this site. PDF activity sheets are available for download.

Request an ESB presentation

climate change bear

Teachers in Winnipeg can request a free classroom presentation September through June. Please note that March, April and May are busy times, so we suggest booking well ahead.


Book Review: Animal, Vegetable, Miracle

This book shows that the journey to eating locally and sustainably is a lot of work, but doesn’t have to be hard…

There are micro-beads in my toothpaste

Who would ever chew on a plastic bag and spit the pieces down the drain? When you use some toothpastes it’s essentially the equivalent!

Clean Air Day 2014 – 8km of fun!

Biking 8 km with the students of Rosser School and giving out prizes to Manitoba Schools has to be the best way to spend Clean Air Day!

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Did you know that 70% of the ‘garbage’ that comes out of our houses and apartments can be recycled or composted?

Sorting through plastic grocery bags

Green Action Centre estimates that Manitobans carry home more than 200-million disposable plastic bags provided by grocery stores and retail shops every year. How can we make this stop? What’s a person to do?

Greener Christmas Trees

It is better for the environment, not to mention your wallet, to skip a Christmas tree altogether. But if it’s an important part of your holidays, which is better – a natural or artificial tree?

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Buy Nothing Day – Teaching Resource

Buy Nothing Day always falls on the last Friday in November, traditionally the first day of Christmas shopping. The Media Awareness Network provides a great teaching resource for Buy Nothing Day.

Waste Reduction Week National website

Check out the national website to register, download posters and info kits for schools or businesses. Lots of great ideas on how you can participate in Waste Reduction Week.

Composting Links

Find links on everything from where to get compost bins and supplies to where to buy your red wrigglers or how to build your own pet waste digester!