Walk to school month 



October 1 – October 31, 2020

Hoppin’ From A to B

Get Your Students Moving

Walk to school month is an opportunity to spend time outside and encourage kids, students, families, and school communities to be active on the way to school.

Sign up for Walktober to help promote healthy living, and start conversations about the environment.

Participate in a Way That Works For You 

Participating can be as simple as promoting walking and biking through school announcements, in-class activities, hosting a school-wide walk, or coming to an event we’re hosting just for you.

Covid-19 Considerations

We understand that our world has changed, and it’s important to adapt our day-to-day activities to change with it. Walktober is an excellent resource for Teachers, Parents, and Administrators – and our team is working hard so that Walktober can be enjoyed whether you’re in school, or at home. 

To make sure everyone’s health and safety is being considered, we will implement the following changes to Walktober.


  • We are accounting for social distancing measures.
  • We are creating activities that work within class bubbles.
  • We are developing new and exciting digital content.
  • We are implementing online presentation options.

Why participate?

Encourage Healthy Living

Biking, walking and wheeling to school is a great way for kids to get more physical activity and time outdoors

Help the Planet

Active school travel reduces car trips – this reduces our carbon footprint, cuts back on greenhouse gas emissions, and improves air quality. 


Better Education

Kids who are active on the way to school have better concentration, supporting a healthy classroom environment and improving kid’s school experiences

Why Register?

For these great perks and privileges!

All registered schools get:

  • Walktober Event Kit with free event posters and promotion materials
  • Event ideas and support from the Active and Safe Routes to School Team
  • Classroom BikeWalkRoll surveys to see how your school ranks with active school travel
  • Active School Travel presentations for staff and parent councils. Request a presentation! Email denae@greenactioncentre.ca 


Access to:

  • Walkabout Workshops* 
  • Walktober Promotional Matterials 

*limited availability



Free SWAG:

  • Stickers
  • Tracking poster
  • Participation Certificate for your class or school

 Follow @greenactioncentre for updates!


Schedule & Programming

How you can participate in Walktober at your school or with your class


Register your school or class Walktober!


Choose what your school or class has capacity for – a day, a week, or a full month. Check out some ideas below!


Use the Walktober Event Kit that is emailed upon registration.

Fillable event posters, walking scavenger hunts, and classroom projects like ‘Let Grow’!


Start your month with a walk and outdoor event for International Walk to School Day

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

components FROM 2019 walktober

BikeWalkRoll School Travel Surveys

October 21 – 24, 2019

Each morning, take a quick 30-second hands-up survey to see how students are getting to and from school! After you’ve created your account, it’s just three easy steps each morning: 

1. Go to bikewalkroll.org and find your school on the map

2. Ask your students how they got to school with the BikeWalkRoll survey questions

3. See your BikeWalkRoll score

Learn more here

Let Grow Project

Invite your students to try something new! Assign participating kids homework to do something they’ve never done before. In class, have the students pick something new they want to do, and then assign it as homework.

Doing new things builds confidence, independence, and resiliency, supporting healthy growth and development.

Let Grow Project – Teacher Instructions

Let Grow Project – Student-Handouts (All grades)

Let Grow Project – Student Worksheet


Walk a Block Zones

Ask parents to drop their kids off a block away, and walk the rest of the way to school.

You can pick a location or parking lot a couple streets away as a ‘drop off zone’, or just ask that they drop off a block away, whatever you think will work best for your school community!

Need help setting up a Walk a Block Zone? Ask us!
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