Making bike blender smoothies (Photo: Green Action Centre)

Thanks to the generosity of Olympia Cycle on Portage, Green Action Centre’s bike blender is ready for spring outings. The bike trainer stand that we had been using to support the bike blender was broken and in fact we couldn’t actually take it off the bike. With the gifting of a replacement from Olympia Cycle we were able to remove it with brute force and replace it. We now can use the bike blender as it was intentioned in the beginning, riding the bike to an event pulling the trailer, set it up and make Green Action Centre smoothies.

With the new bike stand provided by Olympia Cycle, our bike blender is again a model of sustainabliity:

  • Recycled bike (from the dump with needed parts provided by the Bike Dump)
  • Recycled blender that would have found itself in the landfill
  • Transportation free of fossil fuels and green house gases
  • Blended smoothies with no need for electricity

We also want to thank Olympia Cycle for their continuing support of the Commuter Challenge.