I’d like to send out a big thank you to Green Action Centre and the Winnipeg community for being so welcoming to me and the rest of my Katimavik group. Today is my last day working at Green Action Centre and tomorrow is my last day at Centre Tache (my other workplace). I’ve had an absolutely fantastic time the past 3 months living here. Having never been to Winnipeg before, I was very nervous about coming, not knowing what to expect. But I know now, that I will definitely be visiting here again in the future. I’ve found some really cool little shops and cafés and met some amazing people.

This upcoming Wednesday, I will be flying with my group, as well as the St Pierre-Jolys group, to Goose Bay in Labrador. My next 3 months will be spent living in North West River and Sheshatshiu, an hour outside of Goose Bay. The town has approximately 550 people and has a large First Nations population (Sheshatshiu is the reserve across the river from NWR). I am so excited to go there next week (except for the fact that it will be winter again there, and after experiencing these past couple weeks of beautiful weather here, it won’t be too much fun getting used to the colder temperatures again)! Coming from a small town back in BC, I think I’ll feel more at home in Labrador. I’m also the only person in my group who has lived in a First Nations community too (yet another one of the many places I’ve lived in as a child), so it will be interesting to see how everyone feels about it there. There are lots of workplaces there, I’m hoping to be placed in the day care centre, the school or perhaps the community centre.

Again, thank you so much from all of us in the St Boniface Katimavik group for such an amazing past 3 months! We’ll definitely be seeing you again soon.