We have a group of dedicated and talented staff who bring Green Action Centre to life in the community!  We wanted to share a bit more about them, so you can get to know who is behind the great programs and events we offer.

Lea works as the Events Coordinator for the Active and Safe Routes to School Program and is now a part of the After The School Bell Rings Program after starting out as an intern through the YMCA’s Youth Eco Internship Program 2011. She is a recent graduate of the University of Manitoba with a degree in Environmental Sciences and is very passionate about the environmental education Green Action Centre is doing. During her time here, she hopes to bring her love for the environment, her passion of working with people and her friendly outlook to the Green Action Centre and all the great work they are doing. We asked Lea a few questions to get to know her better!

What is your favourite outdoor activity?

In summer, any activity that gets me outside is one I love! Swimming, biking, long walks are all great in the summer heat. In winter, my favorites are tobogganing and snowshoeing.

Who is a role model for you?

My personal role model would have to be my Nana. She was such a kind, wise and independent woman. In addition, an environmental role model for me would be Jane Goodall or Rachel Carson.

What do you prefer – sweet or salty?

Both! Why not solve two cravings with one snack? Chocolate covered pretzels are great for this.