For the past five years, it has been an amazing experience working at Green Action Centre. I am leaving Green Action Centre to start a new chapter of my career as a housing researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

When I started here, I didn’t realize how many topics would end up falling under the umbrella of my program. As Living Green Living Well coordinator, I have had a chance to delve into the mysteries of waste reduction and extended producer responsibility, hydro-electricity policies and toilet subsidies. I have even become a national pundit on the pros and cons of compact fluorescent lightbulbs. All the work Green Action Centre does in environmental education is critical to the survival of our species in the next century. I am proud to have been part of it in however a small way.

More than the issues, I have really appreciated the people I have had a chance to work with. Thank you to Green Action Centre staff, board and all the people who are involved in the environmental movement and community in Manitoba. Together, we will build a sustainable place for all Manitobans.