Over the past couple of months we’ve been hard at work searching for the right people to join the Green Action Centre team, and we are so excited to announce that we have found three passionate individuals who care about the environment just as much as we do! Please join us in welcoming…


Colleen Ans

Living Green, Living Well Program Coordinator

Colleen’s passion for the environment began at a young age while she grew up on her family’s acreage, surrounded by animals and nature. She has a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree from the Asper School of Business with a major in International Business but has since found a love working with and learning from local organizations. Colleen furthered her studies when she travelled to Israel to complete a permaculture and ecological design course on Kibbutz Lotan. In Israel, she studied and ignited a passion for organic gardening, composting, and using her creativity to reduce waste by repurposing materials. She’s always known she wanted to help better the world through her career.

Colleen aims to leave as little footprint on the world as possible and hopes to inspire others to do the same. She has an affinity for supporting local business, travelling, listening to live music, and spending time outdoors as much as possible. Colleen is an avid volunteer and advocate for waste reduction, mental health awareness, animal welfare, and gardening within her community.

Kris Kuzdub

Sustainable Transportation Coordinator

Phone: (204) 925-3777 ext. 105

Growing up in Winnipeg, Kris quickly grew a passion for travelling and understanding cities, which is why she pursued her Bachelor in Environmental Design focused on Landscape + Urbanism at the University of Manitoba. After which she made it a priority to travel and explore cities to better understand the way cities function and the places you live affect your day to day life and how to make strong sustainable communities. Living abroad for the course of 5 years throughout Europe, two of which she gained her Masters in Architecture and Urban Design, Kris decided to return to Winnipeg after graduating. Working in the design sector and gaining promotional experience throughout the years, Kris has worked as a Graphic Designer, and Landscape + Urban Designer, from which she brings a unique creative perspective to her role. Kris has a new appreciation and perspective for her hometown since returning and is excited to be making a positive impact on the city.

Kris is also an Artist and a creative person in general; she enjoys thrifting and flipping to reuse items in new ways, photography and supporting local small businesses. Though she loves living in city centres, she also regularly gets out to explore nature and enjoys any sports on a board (particularly surfing). She is a believer in trying new things, experimenting and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Sankranti Patel

Sustainable Transportation Coordinator


Sankranti completed her civil engineering degree at Queen’s University to gain an understanding of the integration between the built and natural environment. Since then, she has worked in several engineering fields, including transportation and planning. Her education and past experiences help her thrive at solving problems to produce practical and sustainable solutions. Sankranti is always looking to find new ways to further integrate sustainability into her personal life. In her spare time, you can find Sankranti petting her neighbour’s dogs.



Welcome aboard Colleen, Kris, and Sankranti!