Green Action Centre and its Board of Directors are pleased to announce the hiring of Deborah Clark as our next Executive Director.

Deborah comes to Green Action Centre having worked for more than two decades in the non-profit and private sectors, with previous experience as an executive director. She has experience in non-profit leadership, strategic planning, community-based programming, grant management, and liaising with communities and governments. She has a diploma in Business Administration from Assiniboine College, with majors in Accounting, Administration and Marketing, and a Bachelor of General Studies from Brandon University, with a focus on Community and International Development and Women’s Studies.  Deborah is also an avid volunteer and active community member in a wide variety of areas. 

Through Deborah’s professional and volunteer career she has worked energetically to provide services and opportunities for Indigenous communities, youth groups, inner city residents and a number of BIPOC community groups. She is passionate about environmental stewardship, works hard to lead by example and considers herself a lifelong learner. We are pleased that Deborah will be the leader of our organization and share her greetings here:

“I am honoured to join Green Action Centre and look forward to working with the amazing teams to continue improving the lands, waters, and lives of all people in Manitoba. I am passionate and committed to making the world a better, greener and healthier place for today and generations to come. Success, to me, is making a positive impact in the lives of others. Watching a person learn something they did not know, and then pass it to another person  is a wondrous experience. I see this in the work of Green Action Centre, its Board, staff, social enterprise, partners and supporters. The connections made at the community level have resulted in a greater awareness, not only about the need to change, but concrete examples of how to accomplish change in tangible ways.

I have a strong base to work from as Green Action Centre continues to advocate and educate about the need to limit climate change, while building better relationships with the people of Manitoba in a good and reconciliatory way.

I have big shoes to fill. Tracy Hucul leaves a huge gap, but this is made smaller by her providing valuable insights to ensure a smooth transition. I wish her all the best with her new endeavours.”

Deborah’s first day with Green Action Centre will be May 9th. She will be working directly with Tracy Hucul, staff, and the Board of Directors to ensure a smooth and effective transition. 

On behalf of our Board of Directors, I’d like to extend a warm welcome to Deborah. Green Action Centre is well-positioned for continued success and we look forward to working with Deborah and maintaining our momentum under her leadership. 

I would also like to once again congratulate Tracy Hucul on her forthcoming retirement, and the commitment and leadership she brought to the organization over many years. If you missed our previous announcement on this, you can find it here

Neil Richard, Chair of the Board, Green Action Centre