Waste Reduction Week Manitoba

October 18-24, 2021

What is Waste Reduction Week?

Waste Reduction Week is a campaign to celebrate environmental efforts and achievements as well as encourage the use of sustainable habits all year round.

Green Action Centre is excited to present Waste Reduction Week in a Manitoba context year after year. Through highlighting the impacts waste has in our world, celebrating those who are working hard to reduce their waste, and providing practical solutions to help Manitobans reduce their waste, we aim to make inspire and provide Manitobans with resources to make green choices all year round.

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Second Hand Shopping in Manitoba: A Directory

Reuse whatever you can – by borrowing, renting, sharing, or buying second-hand! We compiled a list of thrifting resources in Manitoba.

Compost and Food Waste Webinar Series

In case you missed them! Learn about Compost Winnipeg, how to cook with food scraps and build a compost bin, and MORE!

Sharing is Caring

Did you know that Winnipeg is home to some really neat sharing & lending programs? We’ve put together a list for those interested in getting into sharing economy.

More Waste Reduction Resources

Beware of Greenwashing!

Be careful who you support. Companies use catchphrases like ‘eco-friendly’, ‘green’ or ‘all-natural’ purely as an advertising strategy, without accountability for what the word means.

How to Manage E-Waste Responsibly

E-waste is hazardous material. Over time, electronics can leak toxic elements, like mercury and lead, which can be harmful to the environment and to humans. Donating your electronics for reuse or recycling them at safely managed sites helps control the hazards. ...

Composting and Food Waste Webinar Recordings

In case you missed them! Check out our Composting & Food Waste webinar series.

Sharing is Caring

A compiled list of options for those who want to look into sharing economy. From vehicles, to cycling needs, tools and more!

Second Hand Shopping in Manitoba: A Directory

Reuse whatever you can – by borrowing, renting, sharing, or buying second-hand!

Compost and Food Waste Webinar Series

Don’t miss out on our FREE webinar series Oct. 18th-21st!

Waste Reduction Week 2021

See what we have in store for Waste Reduction Week 2021!

So, Giveaway Weekend Was A Bust. Now What?

Hear from team members, Chantel and Durdana, on their experiences when they joined a Buy Nothing Group in their neighbourhood!

5 Tips for Preserving your Harvest

Tomatoes, Onions, and Peppers Oh My

The Ultimate Back to School Guide: 2021 Edition

Going back to school this Fall and need school supplies? Reusable lunch kits? We’ve got you covered with a whole list of supplies you need to stay Earth-friendly and prepared.

Have questions about Waste Reduction? Want to share your thoughts about Waste Reduction Week? We would love to hear from you.

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