Waste Reduction Week, which runs from October 21 to 27, continues to build momentum this year with more great events and activities happening across Canada. Manitoba communities, schools, institutions and businesses are taking part. Some of the organizations declaring Waste Reduction Week include the R.M of Springfield, University of Winnipeg, Red River College and the City of Brandon.

“There are so many simple things we can do everyday as individuals and communities to live greener, and it is becoming easier to make changes that can have big environmental impacts,” said Amanda Kinden, Waste Reduction Week coordinator with Green Action Centre. “Waste Reduction Week is all about creating awareness about the waste we create and how it can be reduced. It also celebrates initiatives, big and small, and to helps us incorporate changes into our daily activities so that sustainability becomes a part of how we do things on a regular basis.”

For example, composting can divert more than 40% of household waste. Learn how easy it is to compost by attending one of Green Action Centre’s composting workshops during Waste Reduction Week. Visit greenactioncentre.ca for more information and to enter for your chance to win a compost bin (value $100).

In its second year, the Recycle My Cell Student Challenge boosts the effect Waste Reduction Week has in Manitoba . The program is a friendly competition among schools across Manitoba to see which school can bring in the most cell phones to recycle. The school which brings in the most phones wins $500 for their school’s green programs.

Also, returning for its third year with a record number of 23 classrooms participating is the Waste Reduction School Challenge. Classrooms across Brandon, Manitoba promote the three Rs of reducing, re-using and recycling while diverting as much garbage and waste from the landfill as possible. The winning class will receive reusable lunch kits and a photo with the Mayor.

Waste Reduction Week is a national event to raise awareness about the importance of reducing our environmental footprint and to celebrate the activities we are taking to live greener in our schools, workplaces, homes and communities. Waste Reduction Week is coordinated in Manitoba by Green Action Centre. To register your organization, or proclaim Waste Reduction Week in your community go to: wrwcanada.com.