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In June, the composting team launched the 2015 Home Composting Challenge. 24 lucky families were selected to participate and for the next 8 months, will become avid, successful composters.  Using a simple tracking system, the group aims to collectively divert over 5000kg of organic waste from the landfill.

The Home Composting Challenge is part two of an initiative funded the Government of Canada through the federal Department of the Environment, the Province of Manitoba and the City of Winnipeg.  Back in spring of 2014, Green Action Centre launched the Crazy for Compost Contest to Winnipeg schools. Students were asked to make a 2-3 minute video about why their school should be composting.  Check out the winning videos, very creative!  Fast forward a whole school year of waste audHCC-urban Eatin-Tommyits, presentations and equipment delivery (thanks to Urban Eatin’ Landscapes) later and 3 out of 4 of these schools are successfully composting on-site, diverting tons of organic waste and working to make a rich natural fertilizer for their school gardens.  Woohoooo!

But we didn’t stop there. One of the most influential groups in our society is our children, so we decided to harness their motivation and energy and bring composting home. As a result, 24 families were supplied with a compost bin (donated by the City of Winnipeg), a collectioMolded plastic bin (Earth Machine)n pail, an aerator, a manual and a tracking sheet.  A meeting was held at Argyle Alternative High, we talked shop, distributed the gear and off they went. It would seem to get people composting, all they really need is a little love and personal attention.

These families will continue to inspire the masses, the results will be highlighted in a series of tables and reports illustrating the tons of diverted waste, the methane gas removed from the atmosphere and the CO2 emissions reduced from this program.

To all my families, I hope that you are as proud of your engagement as I am. If you need a place to store your belongings, visit déménagement montréal for more information. Congrats on making change happen in your lives, this is only the beginning.

Happy composting to all!

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