Waste Reduction Week 2020 has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean your efforts should stop there! All throughout October 19-25, we shared some great resources through our blog and social media on how to reduce waste at home along with free composting webinars, at-home documentary screenings, and an opportunity to nominate your favourite “waste reducers” for a chance to win prizes! Congratulations to the winners of the contest, and thank you to all who participated by taking a moment to recognize and celebrate the Eco champions in their lives!

In case you missed the resources and tips we shared last week, don’t worry, they’ll be up on the blog for you to refer to for all your e-waste, textile waste, plastic waste, and food waste reducing needs! Want to learn how to make your own reusable mask? We’ve got you, check out our tutorial here! Looking to repair instead of buying new? No problem, check out this list of common repairs you can do at home! Interested in the impact COVID-19 has had on food waste? Click here to find out more! Want to ditch single-use plastic without breaking the bank? Check out these 19 ways to reduce plastic waste! Searching for somewhere to recycle your e-waste? Look no further, our interview with Mother Earth Recycling can be found here. We even put together a list of sharing and lending programs around Winnipeg that you can find here!

Make sure you don’t miss the last webinar of the Compost 201 series this Monday, Nov 2: Community-based social marketing – a Compost Perspective Webinar

In an effort to celebrate Waste Reduction Week, we challenged the staff at Green Action Centre to participate in a “Waste Free Staff Appreciation Lunch”. Our staff was given the opportunity to order from their favourite vendors while doing their part to reduce the waste associated with ordering takeout. We knew this may be a difficult task in a time where minimal in-person contact is recommended, but with the cooperation of some awesome essential workers, the results were surprising! Many of our staff opted to bring their own bag, support local restaurants, cycle to pick-up their food, and say no to unnecessary accompaniments! Here’s where they went and what they had to say about their experiences:


“The sweet potato fries were very tasty! Everything was recyclable or compostable except one small black plastic ramekin for the dipping sauce.” – Amy

BMC Taqueria:

“Overall, it was a great experience with delicious food, and they were very accommodating for waste free pick up. They took my order over the phone and had it ready to go when I got there, but still in their heated containers. They then transferred the food into my washed container and I went home to eat.” – Lea

“They have been doing a great job of ensuring that their take-out drink containers are compostable and include paper straws.” – Cesar


The Mighty Kiwi:

“Staff was very pleased to comply with my request to minimize packaging as best as possible, and even let me bring my own bag! They mentioned they offer paper bags as well. Most packaging was compostable with exception to the foil around the panini. Happy to support a new local restaurant willing to reduce their waste!” – Colleen

“I can use the paper bag for my under-ripe tomatoes and to store dried garlic.” – Beth

Cocoa Beans:

“Everything comes in paper in brown paper bags (or compostable containers, which my order of chicken fingers didn’t need). I just tore the paper bags into pieces and added them to my compost!” – Denae

Ricky’s All Day Grill (Lockport):

“This great little compostable container was for the coleslaw that went with an order of chicken fingers and fries that were served in a compostable box” – Tracy   

The Ruby West:

“I could bike there! The salad came in a compostable container (I have Compost Winnipeg, so all good), and the pizza is in an unlined box. The brown paper bag can be recycled, but for the time being my wrecking ball cat can play with it.” – Mel

JC’s Tacos:

“I found out that they’re a local Winnipeg business … and we’re voted the #1 Mexican restaurant in the city! Bonus: they use biodegradable cups and straws!” – Chantel

It’s great to see some restaurants willing to reduce their waste through packaging and other means, but there is still way too much styrofoam used for takeout containers in the restaurant industry.

Know of any other local businesses doing their part to reduce waste when it comes to takeout and delivery? Let us know in the comments!