We applaud businesses that think beyond profit and work to create a more sustainable future. Red River Co-op is now charging for single-use plastic bags, encouraging you instead to bring a re-usable bag and donating profits to Green Action Centre.

On average, Manitobans use 160 million single-use plastic bags per year. These bags, which are made from fossil fuels, are harming our environment. The plastic litters our streets, landfills and water systems. As it eventually breaks down, it leaves behind microplastics which are consumed by wildlife and marine life. The microplastics fill our soil and water systems, and have made their way into the human food chain.

What does that mean? It means that the plastic from your single-use shopping bag will never fully go away. It means that reducing plastic is important.

Red River Co-op’s Partnership with Green Action Centre

Red River Co-op started charging for single-use plastic bags in their grocery stores and gas bars in October 2018. This decision was made based on their knowledge of the environmental impact of plastics rather than a desire for profit. Because of this, they have decided to donate all profits made from single-use plastic bags to Green Action Centre’s Composting and Food Waste Reduction Programming.

Green Action Centre is pleased by Red River Co-op’s decision to protect the environment, and is committed to helping ensure that single-use plastic bag sales decrease in Red River Co-op stores throughout the partnership.

Both Red River Co-op and Green Action Centre are encouraging shoppers to make plastic reduction part of their shopping experience. Remember to bring your reusable bags with you to the store! If you don’t have one, find a friend who has too many, purchase one at a second hand store, or visit a Red River Co-op store where they have reusable bags for sale.

Thank you to Red River Co-op for taking your environmental concerns to the next level by partnering with us! We are excited to assist you in your efforts to reduce single-use plastic bags in your store.